» Listen as we* tell the entire story here

It's not polarized. It doesn't amplify anything. It's not bulletproof.

Sorry, it's not even a camera.

But we did it for a reason.

We all still have vivid memories of those first times. The first time we held a Walkman, the first time we saw the Space Shuttle launch, the first time… In this day and age with daily new miracles on YouTube, it has become really hard to find a new sense of wonder and amazement and those
do-you-remember-the-first-time moments seem to become less and less.

So instead of building a camera for a few lucky ones, we decided to create a story for all of you.

We did not do this to mock you. The Invisible Camera is our humble attempt to bring back wonder and amazement.

If you were one of the skeptics who unmasked the Invisible Camera right away, we applaud you for your razor-sharp smarts.

If you realized what we did and participated on your blog or with your tweets, we deeply bow to you and profoundly thank you for helping us tell the story.

If you believed in our story, congratulations on being an openminded individual who still can dream and be amazed. That is a wonderful ability to possess.

And there is no reason to feel bad, as you are in great company.

We received unexpected applications. From teachers. Pro photographers. SFX Specialists. Even scientists. We were a bit surprised. But rest assured, we won't name names.

As much as we ourselves wish it were, the Invisible Camera is not real.

But we are. And our story is... as much as you want it to be.

We thank you for coming along on the ride.

» Listen as we* tell the entire story here

PS: We won't name names. In fact after this is all over, we will delete all the data that you gave us, and we will not spam you. Ever.

PPS: Thanks to Jürgen Bachnick for the great portrayal of a scientist, and thanks to Michael Weyl from
Spürsinn for the help giving our story more credibility.

* we are
Allan Attridge and Chris Marquardt

Chris Marquardt, Bei den Pferdeställen 12, 72072 Tübingen, Germany